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Taylor Thompson, a native Texan, was born in Bryan and grew up in Houston. She demonstrated early capabilities in the creative arts as a member of her church's choir, a drill team dancer, and a painter. Creative writing was her first true love, and that love has remained steadfast over the years. Taylor holds degrees in psychology and biology. She merged  her technical and artistic talents to forge a career as a leading technical instructor at two chemical companies, writing the training manuals used in the training. She made Chicago's southside home for about 15 years before returning to Houston. She is a proud mom and grandmother, active in her church, still loves to sing and play piano and is a voracious reader.

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Insights About River from the Interview


A Question

One of my beta readers, a family therapist who is white, questioned how River could walk away from Stefan Ryjonski, the love of her life,  simply because of his parents' visceral opposition to their marriage.


The Answer

In writing my book I never expected River's decision, which happens near the end of the book, would be questioned, or be of such interest. Maybe I can blog to an understanding, if not an answer.


Sense of Worth

After her hard journey into self-acceptance, does River still find it hard to believe that she is enough? Does a black woman find it harder than a white woman to believe she is enough? If she does, why is that, and how is she to grow beyond  that crippling perception and learn to love herself and her hair?